Decking paint application – tips from V33

V33, the innovative surface solutions expert, has come up with some helpful advice for anyone wishing to paint their timber garden decking. Marketing Manager, Richard Bradley, says that the first step is choosing the correct paint:

"You may want to paint your decking simply to make it look good, but did you know that the best formulation paint can also afford a number of other benefits? For example, go for one with anti-slip properties. If you choose a paint formulation that affords a matt, opaque finish, then you'll be able to disguise wood imperfections more easily. In addition, select a paint that provides protection against foot traffic, sunlight, bad weather, stains and everyday dirt. Seek out a five-year guarantee - longer than most offered - so that you can achieve real value for money."

In order to achieve a beautiful finish, V33 suggest the following expert tips on applying decking paint to timber:


Like most painting projects, the correct preparation of the surface in question is paramount for achieving a good finish. Time spent doing this properly at the outset is time well spent since it'll result in a defect-free finish. Timber that's previously been treated with sealer, paint or wood stain should be sanded down to expose the bare wood, then ensure it's dust-free.

The next step is to perform the 'water drop test': place a small amount of water on the timber. If the water droplet absorbs into the timber, you can apply the decking paint. However, if the water droplet remains on the timber surface, the paint won't adhere. If the water droplet test is successful, degrease the surface with methylated spirits. On new timber, wait three months before applying decking paint as this'll allow the timber to absorb the paint fully.


Clean and revive application


The ideal application conditions are dry weather and temperatures of between 12° and 25°C. Decking paint shouldn't be applied in strong winds and when bad weather is forecast. First of all, stir the paint well and repeat this during its application using a mixer or wide stick, working around the bottom of the tin to mix it well.

On exotic timbers and hardwoods, dilute the first coat of paint with 10% water. Apply the paint with a brush between grooves and edges in one 2m2 area at a time, then paint with the roller in various directions – top to bottom and sideways – in order to avoid excessive application.

Allow eight hours before applying a second coat. On highly porous or highly exposed decking, a third coat may be required. Ideally, allow a further 48 hours before light usage of the decking. If there's any signs of heavy wear or surface damage, then a maintenance coat should be applied. Woods with little absorption – i.e. iroko, wenge, larch, etc. – require regular application of a maintenance coat anyway.

When applying further coats of decking paint, it's best to wash timber with a pressure washer and remove any foliage, moss and excess oil stains.


* Avoid stressing the decking surface – through shocks, stains and cleaning – during the first two weeks after application.

* Avoid standing or walking on the decking after painting it for 48 hours.

* Ideally, apply two coats of decking paint, without overload, even on porous substrates.

* For optimum adhesion, application of the first coat of paint must be carried out on dry wood, i.e. immediately after a minimum of three consecutive days of dry weather, and without risk of rain within 48 hours after applying the second coat.


Colour Guard Decking Paint is part of a new range of V33 decking products available through B&Q. Offered in a selection of shades of grey, V33 Colour Guard Decking Paint is available in 2.5l tins, priced at £45. One tin will cover 25m2. Once applied, the paint leaves a beautiful, washable surface.

Also included in the range are two decking oils and a preparation product. The range covers everything you need to ensure your decking is water-repellent and UV-protected, while also looking great for longer.

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