Clarke boltless shelving range

Clarke CSM5150G Heavy Duty 150kg Boltless Shelving (Galvanised)

With over 40 models available, in a variety of sizes and colours, the range of Clarke boltless shelving combines tough steel construction with quick and easy set up for any garage, office, home or more.


Clarke CSM5150S Heavy Duty 150kg Boltless Shelving (Silver)

Only a hammer is required to assemble these boltless shelving units, allowing for quick and easy assembly. The units feature adjustable shelf heights and can be assembled as a bench or corner unit, which means they're suitable for any size of room/workshop. Once assembled, depending on the shelving model weight capacity, the maximum weight per shelf is between 100-1,000kg per shelf.


Clarke CS5265S 1.2m Wide Span Boltless Shelving (Silver)

The units come in a choice of colours and also with an option of fibreboard, chipboard and polymer shelves. A durable powder coat finish helps to protect shelves from damage. Models in the range start from £40.79 (inc VAT) and they can be viewed here.

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