The complete sharpening kit: MPower Tools' SB2 double diamond bench stone – side by side

Also known as the little brother of the 'Big Dawg' – MPower Tools' Side by Side (SBS) six-stage three grade diamond sharpening station – the new SB2 ensures 'a lifetime of sharpness' with a lifelong companion.

Thanks to MPower Tools' innovative manufacturing process, rather than having to throw a tool away due to minor wear and tear, damaged diamond surfaces can be easily replaced by the user, with any replacement plates sent free of charge within the first 10 years.

The SB2 stands as the second most comprehensive sharpening package available globally and is loaded with industry-first features. The process of properly sharpening a tool – whether a 6mm bevel-edge chisel or plane iron – entails multiple essential elements, all ingeniously combined in the SB2 and stored in the incredibly durable carry case.


Sharpening a chisel using the SB2 double-sided diamond sharpening stone

Easier operation

Unlike traditional double-sided 200mm diamond stones that require setup for each grade, the SB2 sits ready on your bench, offering two sharpening grades of diamond, side by side.

Additionally, it’s the first diamond stone to feature two real leather-topped magnetic protective covers with both firm and soft grades of leather. Thus, you can seamlessly transition from two-grade sharpening to two-grade strop finishing, without interruption.

Overall size:
200 x 209mm (8 x 8 1/4in)
Total diamond surface: 0.03sq.m
Weight: 1.85kg


* The new SB2 is equipped with two grades of diamond surface and offered in three different models: 1) 300 > 1,200 grit; 2) 600 > 1,200 grit; 3) 300 > 600 grit;

* Two magnetic leather strop covers for quick attachment and removal, featuring two different leathers: – firm and soft;

* Two uniquely formulated grades of polishing wax, which correspond to the chosen grade: 1,800, 2,500 and 5,000 grit;

* 1 x 30ml fully synthetic diamond lapping fluid;

* Diamond stone cleaning block;

* 610 x 305mm plus lint-free cleaning towel;

* All of the above comes neatly organised in a custom-built, incredibly durable canvas storage case.

Priced at £149.95, see for further information.


Using the leather strop and polishing compound on a plane blade
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