Dickies Launches its Multi-Generational Campaign – 'Made in Dickies: Generations'

Dickies, the world's leading workwear brand, marked its centennial anniversary earlier this year with ‘Made in Dickies’, a campaign honouring Dickies’ blue collar, American roots by bringing workwear and work-inspired stories to life. Dickies has long been worn around the world by artists, farmers, skaters and welders making extraordinary things.

It's makers like these who've contributed to the new ‘Made in Dickies’ campaign, demonstrating different types of work and skills that have been passed on through generations of families. ‘Made in Dickies: Generations’ spotlights the five iconic styles that are intrinsically Dickies through their ‘Icon’ series; five short-form videos showing that hard work runs in the family. From humble beginnings they hone their craft with pride, seeing the torch carried by future generations, creating their own legacy. The ‘Icon’ series will be available across Dickies’ digital and social platforms on a global level.


The campaign features two UK-based small businesses, handed down from generation to generation, and three US-based Dickies ‘Makers’ – a Pitmaster, Lowrider, and a Singer who've found their passions, passed down through their families. Made in Dickies: Generations, showcases a behind-the-scenes view into their working life and reveals the people and stories that shaped them through family lineage at the heart of their journey.

Dickies visited these ‘Icons’ with a unique lens and documented their daily lives. Through film and portraiture, the content explores the connections within each family and the work they do for the communities where they reside, a notion at the heart of the Dickies brand since it began. For 100 years and multiple generations, Dickies connection to work culture and community through self-expression continuously celebrates those who shape their own paths.


The global campaign led Dickies to partner with creative agency Breaks, UK talent including director Ollie Rillands, photographer Lily Brown, videographer Ali Hutchison and stylist Lewis Munro to produce the five Made in Dickies: Generations stories.

These five Dickies Icons are:

Newington Green Shoe Repairs – London

The Steam Room – London

Kevin Bludson – The Pitmaster

Kona Rose – The Songbird

Kay Kaoru – The Lowrider

The Dickies 'Icons' are available for purchase internationally; visit the Dickies website for more information.

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