Ebonising Oak with Van Dyke Crystals.

Pic 1

brushing on stain
Pic 2

Pic 3

Use of Van Dyke Crystal Stain for Ebonising Oak

I have shown a weak mixture and a stronger mixture to show how the effect can be varied.

Pic 1: Packet of Van Dyke Crystals and a plain oak box.

Pic 2: Brushing on the stain, this is about 3 full teaspoons mixed with half a cup hot water.

Pic 3: Samples showing one coat stain, diluted as above and 3 times the amount of crystals, the second is the effect desired.

Pic's 4&5: second coat stain being applied.

Pic 6: Having stained two coats and then sealed with two coats shellac, cutting box for hinging.

Pic 7: Open box ready for hinging.

Pic 8: Hinges and clasp fitted and ready for staining inside.

Pic 9: Shows first coat stain applied.

Pic 10&11: Second coat stain applied and three coats shellac. Desired effect can be enhanced with a coat of wax.

applying second coat  applying second coat
Pic's 4&5

cutting box on bandsaw  open box ready for hinging
Pic's 6&7

box with fitted hinges  first coat of stain applied
Pic's 8&9

finished box interior  finished box
Pic's 10&11