Honeycomb Worktop Cutters








Trend has launched two types of extra long router cutters designed specifically for the new style of hollow board honeycomb kitchen worktops. The honeycomb style worktop is 60mm deep and is designed to be light in weight but have the required depth for a kitchen worktop. The unique rigid honeycomb and chipboard construction provides stability, but also requires a specific router cutter for installation.


The Professional Range cutter (3/86x1/2TC) has two flutes for ease of clearance, a 12.7mm diameter and a 75mm long tungsten carbide blade and an overall length of 132mm.

The Trade version (TR44DX1/2TC) also has two flutes, an overall length of 155mm, a 14mm diameter with a 70mm long tungsten carbide blade, but also has a tungsten carbide centre tip making it ideal for plunge cutting. 


Both of these cutters are designed for making repeated shallow passes in the hollow board and need to be used with extra care due to the very long length of tip tools.


The 3/86 cutter is priced at £37.50 exc VAT; the TR44D is priced at £35 exc VAT and are both available from all Trend Routing Centres and stockists.


To request further information and details of your nearest Trend stockist, please call 0800 487363 or visit their website at www.trend-uk.com