Introducing the T8: Trend Tool Technology's revolutionary router for the trade

Trend Tool Technology – the leading innovator in time-saving solutions – is thrilled to announce the release of its latest breakthrough product – the T8 router. Engineered with precision and designed specifically for tradespeople, the T8 sets a new standard in routing capabilities, providing superior functionality and performance.


Designed to meet the diverse needs of professionals, the T8 boasts a range of exceptional features that make it the go-to choice for any routing task – whether handheld or table mounted.

Detailed below are just a few of its outstanding attributes:

* 80mm plunge depth – allowing the T8 to excel in deep cutting applications, making it the ideal tool for tasks such as lock jigs, worktop joints, and timber profiling.

* Precision Centring System – ensures perfect concentricity between cutter and guide bush. This innovative technology guarantees pinpoint accuracy when using routing jigs.


* Router table compatibility – the T8 seamlessly integrates with router tables, thanks to its height adjuster that allows for easy and safe changes in cutting height from above the table. This feature enhances efficiency and convenience during routing operations.

* Constant Speed Control – which allows the T8 to continuously monitor the spindle speed and automatically adjusts to maintain optimal cutter speed. This results in smooth and consistent cuts, even in demanding applications.

* 11-level variable speed control feature – to deliver precise control over a wide range of cutters, materials and applications.

* Vertical extraction spout – designed to prevent extraction hoses from snagging on jigs and materials. This practical addition ensures uninterrupted workflow and efficient dust extraction.

* Twin LED worklights – facilitate working in low-light conditions and illuminates the cutting area, which significantly improves safety and accuracy.


* Extra-wide 75mm base aperture – which allows oversized cutters, such as panel raisers, to be accommodated. This versatility allows for enhanced flexibility in a wide range of routing applications.

* 7-position rotating turret with pre-set plunge depth limits – an innovative design that enables fast, repeatable batch and stepped cutting, thus enhancing productivity.

* Micro-adjustable fence with extraction port for accurate edge rebating, grooving and moulding tasks – features adjustable facings and 0.1mm increments to ensure precision and consistency in every routing task. Additionally, the extraction port enhances dust collection efficiency.

* Fine height adjuster with easy-to-read display – allows for precision depth adjustments and offers 0.1mm increments, which guarantees optimal routing results. Every adjuster rotation equals a 2mm height adjustment.


* Trend Base Configuration – a standardised fixing pattern of holes that ensures the router can be easily attached to a range of compatible router tables, jigs and accessories, thus enhancing its versatility and compatibility.

* Ergonomic inclined handles – which prioritises user comfort and convenience. Integrated with a power trigger and soft grip moulding, the handles offer a comfortable and secure grip during operation, minimising fatigue and maximising control.

* Double locking collet – putting safety at the forefront. This feature prevents accidental cutter ejection, while the multi-spline profile ensures concentric cutter shank clamping, which guarantees secure and reliable operation.

* Moulded carry case – which provides secure storage for the router and its accessories. This durable case ensures portability and protects the tool during transportation and storage.


* Cam-lock system compatible – which ensures quick and seamless transitions between hand-held and table routing. This convenient feature allows users to effortlessly switch between applications.

"We're thrilled to introduce the T8 router, which is a game-changer for tradespeople seeking exceptional precision, versatility and performance in their routing tasks," said Andrew Trainer, Product Director at Trend Tool Technology. "With its innovative features and superior build quality, the T8 empowers professionals to deliver an unparalleled range of projects, elevating their work to new levels."

The Trend T8 router is now available for purchase through authorised distributors and retailers. For more information and to explore the full range of Trend products, visit


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