ISOtunes launches ULTRACOMM Aware EN352

New from ISOtunes, the ULTRACOMM Aware EN352 – a Bluetooth-enabled, level-dependent hearing protector – enhances situational awareness as well as providing face-to-face communication without earbud removal. Priced at £239.99, the ULTRACOMM Aware EN352 is ideal for those working in regulated loud environments, requiring hearing protection that maintains situational awareness while allowing for clear communication.

While standard noise-isolating earbuds are effective at blocking noise, these often prevent users from hearing sounds they need to be aware of, such as conversations or warning signals. ISOtunes’ Aware Technology™ allows users to hear the world around them while still blocking out damaging noises above 79 decibels.

A true wireless design, ULTRACOMM Aware EN352 is supplied with a pre-attached Boom mic to provide clear audio for phone calls and is interchangeable between either earbud. Also of notable importance, the mic’s comfort-fit ear hooks keep earbuds securely in place.


ULTRACOMM Aware EN352 also utilises ISOtunes’ SafeMax™ technology to deliver exceptional audio quality while limiting the volume output to 79dB for all-day, damage-free listening. The new model delivers a 24dB noise reduction rating (NRR), Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity up to 30ft as well as being dust, sweat and waterproof. To ensure a secure fit, ULTRACOMM Aware EN352 includes three pairs of TRILOGY™ Short Foam eartips – in sizes S-L – as well as three pairs of TRILOGY™ Tall Foam eartips – also in sizes S-L – together with one pair of silicone triple flange eartips.

“ISOtunes customers have become accustomed to our tried and true Aware Technology™, and we’re seeing an increased demand in this type of offering,” said Eric Murphy, ISOtunes Co-Founder. “Our new ULTRACOMM Aware EN352 is providing consumers with the level-dependent protection they need to operate safely and efficiently, while keeping convenience and comfortability in mind.”

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