Issue 274 of Good Woodworking


A while back a reader observed that GW was all furniture, but conversely I am expecting those of you who associate timber with tables, chairs and cabinets to enquire where it has gone lately, but it’ll be back next month I promise. It is, however, interesting to note how many objects that enrich our lives rely on wood for their effect. Take the guitars that we major on in this issue – Shaun Newton restores a Spanish classic, and I visit Crimson Guitars : their sound is dependent on the timber chosen and the workmanship is the very finest that any woodworker will ever be required to do. And still on the subject of stringed instruments, Phil Davy got to hold the violin that was being played as the Titanic sank. Phil also helps solve the what-shall-I-make Christmas pressie problem with a couple of handsome mantle clocks that can be made in a day. Dave Roberts pays a visit to a former Royal Marines colonel who has swapped military discipline for a remarkably free approach to mirror-making, Les Thorne is turning salt and pepper grinders and Peter Berry starts our new carving series with a leaf.


Andrea Hargreaves, Editor