Issue 279 of Good Woodworking


The thing about working with wood for 30 years is that it teaches problem solving, an ability that served Andrew Lapthorn very well when he was asked to construct explodable buildings for military training, and when he had to work out the design for his Tripod tables that require sound engineering principles; Dave Roberts reports on this extraordinary maker. Meanwhile Andrea Hargreaves travels to the lovely Lake District to meet a couple of makers who are not only producing stunning contemporary furniture but also training the next generation to attain their own levels of perfection. And talking of perfection, we can only gaze in admiration at the blanket chest in American black walnut, maple and rippled maple made by Dovetailors which has the Centrefold spot this month. High standards do not always have to equate with difficulty, however, and Jason Fisher worked out how to make plantation shutters the relatively easy way without lessening their imapact and quality, while Phil Davy is downright practical in his approach to under-stairs storage. Got a lathe gathering cobwebs in the corner? Then dust it off to turn Les Thorne’s desk set. Peter Berry introduces 3D carving with a fish, and Andy King finds more great kit to test.

Andrea Hargreaves, Editor