Liberon's top tips for choosing decking oil

Woodcare expert, Liberon, has come up with four top tips to bear in mind when choosing decking oil. Decking oil is great for protecting wood and making it look good, but what should you look out for when making your selection?

1. Choose an oil formulated to penetrate deep into the wood, which is highly water-resistant with UV filters to prevent fading.

2. With many oils changing the look of wood, go for a range that offers a clear option if you're wanting to bring out the natural beauty of your timber decking without changing its colour.


3. To accommodate the unpredictability of the UK weather, choose oil with a short drying time between coats – preferably just 15 minutes – which allows you to use your decking just 24 hours after application.

4. Save money by buying decking oil that can also double as a means of bringing tired-looking timber fences, garden sheds and garden gates back to life.

Liberon Decking Oil is the brand trusted by professionals, but is also easy for DIYers to apply. It's available in a choice of Clear, Medium Oak and Teak finishes and comes in two tin sizes: 2.5l or 5l.

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