Makita adds new 40VMax Brushless router trimmer to its powerful XGT range

Makita continues to deliver great power and precision with its new 40VMax XGT RT001G Brushless router trimmer. With a 35% increase in work speed – compared to predecessor model – this tool is a must for woodworkers demanding the highest standards.

The new model with a standard trimmer base has been designed to achieve an even greater trimming speed than previous models – up to 35% faster, at 10,000-31,000rpm.

The RT001G benefits from Makita’s innovative Auto-start Wireless System (AWS), which connects the tool to a compatible dust extractor via Bluetooth, helping to keep dust to a minimum and protecting the user during use. Moreover, it's equipped with a number of features to provide precision and prevent work materials from damage, including soft start function, which minimises start-up shock so that the tool starts smoothly; soft brake and variable speed control, to match cutting speed to the application. Furthermore, constant speed control maintains consistent speed under load.


Other benefits include a flat top for stability, lock-on function that reduces hand fatigue in long continuous operation, plus twin LED job lights, which illuminate the cutting edge and increase visibility.

What’s more, the RT001G has been designed to match the needs of multiple projects. For this reason, the trimmer base can be quickly removed in order to install alternative base options: plunge, tilt and offset. These are equipped with a precision cutting depth adjustment, simple and efficient base lock system, as well as a replaceable, non-marring plastic base, which protects the tool from scratching and provides smooth sliding on the work surface.

The offset base offers highly stable trimming, for applications where the offset position is needed, allowing users to cut as close as 18.5mm to walls or corners.


The tilt base's ergonomic body grip is easy-to-grasp with one hand and benefits from a tilting capacity of -30° to 45°. Additionally, the base assembly's enlarged opening section offers excellent bit visibility.

The plunge base offers a three-stage precision cutting depth adjustment with plunge capacity of 0-35mm, as well as an easy-to-operate lever and an optional fine adjusting straight guide. It also features ergonomically contoured knob style handles for stable control.

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita UK, said: “We're delighted to add the new 40VMax Brushless router trimmer to our powerful XGT range. This is a reliable tool that surpasses the capabilities of other models and reflects the many benefits of being both cordless and powered by our impressive XGT battery. And thanks to the different bases, it can be adapted to meet a particular job's needs, helping woodworkers achieve the desired results even faster than before.”

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