Makita partners with vehicle conversion specialist, Shred & Butta

Makita has worked closely with Shred & Butta to help the vehicle conversion specialist streamline its work and deliver the results its customers are looking for. Consequently, Shred & Butta has invested in a range of mains-powered and cordless Makita tools, including a number of 40VMax XGT machines.

Shred & Butta, based in Cobham, Surrey, specialises in custom vehicle conversions and build everything from unique camper vans and tour buses to eye-catching promotional vehicles and one-of-a-kind mobile catering units. The 15-strong team also turn their talents to building creative, eye-catching displays and other items for shops, offices and exhibitions and has worked with leading adventure sports brands as well as major food and drink companies.

Shred & Butta's work has been showcased on its own TV programme, Full Metal Junkies, on Quest and Discovery+, as well as featuring on Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping, in addition to George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces for Channel 4.


Jim Stewart, Director of Shred & Butta and Founder of sports wax brand Butta, approached Makita about the possibility of working more closely together. He explained: “I've used Makita tools since starting the company almost 10 years ago, beginning with drills and drivers and steadily adding more to our kit as the business grew. With our work expanding to even more ambitious projects, we began looking at what other tools were available to help us get the job done. We could see clear advantages of collaborating with Makita as one of the leading manufacturers and our go-to brand over many years.”

Following a discussion with Jim to establish what help could be offered, Makita agreed to provide tools for the team to trial, including some of the latest product launches. If the team finds the machine useful for the work they're doing, they can then purchase the tool themselves; if not, it can simply be returned after the trial.

Shred & Butta has trialled, and subsequently invested in, a number of tools from Makita’s high performance 40VMax XGT range – these include the JR001GZ reciprocating saw; LS002GZ01 216mm slide compound mitre saw; SP001GZ03 165mm plunge saw; and DK0114G202 combi drill and impact driver twin kit. The XGT tools have provided an alternative to the corded machines Shred & Butta had previously been using for many high demand tasks.

Jim commented: “Using mains powered tools is generally not an issue as we can get power to anywhere within our yard. However, we're often working inside vehicles and so having the flexibility that cordless tools provide, as well as the performance to match mains power, makes our work much easier. There's also a safety benefit to minimising the number of cables in our work area, as it removes potential trip hazards.”


As a result of the collaboration, Shred & Butta has also invested in Makita 18V LXT tools and equipment including the DRV250Z rivet gun; DRT50ZJX3 router/trimmer; DCS552Z metal cutting saw and DML809 LED work light.

The tools' quality, as well as the service and support offered by Makita, are also important factors in Shred & Butta’s continued investment.

Jim added: “Using low quality tools is simply not an option for us as it impacts our productivity when something breaks down. Not only have the Makita tools proved very reliable, but the service and support we've received has been excellent. If there's ever an issue with a tool, someone from Makita will pick it up and ensure it's sorted. We believe it's worth the investment to get that level of support. It really feels like the Makita team is interested in us as a business and genuinely committed to helping in any way they can.”


Thomas Lanaghan, Product Specialist at Makita, commented: “We're pleased to be able to help Jim and the team at Shred & Butta and the relationship also has benefits for us. The team use the tools for a wide variety of tasks, which are often quite demanding. The open dialogue with Shred & Butta means we receive valuable feedback regarding our tools, which will help to inform future product developments.”

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