Microjig introduces innovative Bladeclean system

Since its founding 20 years ago and the debut of its original product, the Grr-Ripper, Microjig has brought true innovation to the woodworking industry with seven unique systems designed to make life in the shop easier, safer and smarter.

The company recently announced another all-new system joining the Microjig family — Bladeclean. The product represents a new category for Microjig and tackles an essential function in the workshop — cleaning saw blades and router bits — and makes it fast and easy with an all-in-one system.


Users simply mix and pour their favourite cleaning solutions into the saw blade and router bit cleaning wells. The Bladeclean System includes a magnetic handle that sticks to saw blades, allowing users to move them safely into the cleaning well, which fits blades from 7¼in up to 12in in diameter. Router bits are stored in special holders designed for ¼in, ½in, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm bit shanks. Implements can then soak to loosen dirt and build-up.

The industrial grade aluminium oxide Bladeclean pad cleans all the teeth on one side of the blade in a single motion, by simply rotating the blade with the included magnetic handle. This cuts the once painstaking task of cleaning saw blades down to mere seconds.

The system also includes a wire brush, as well as aluminium oxide cleaning discs that can be used on a rotary tool to clean router bits, chisels, small hand tools or restoring old hardware.


The system supports the company's safety mission as cleaner blades and bits make better, safer cuts. It also allows woodworkers to work smarter as cleaner blades and bits mean less sharpening and maintenance for longer tool life.

The Bladeclean system is now available on Microjig’s website and through select global retailers globally; see www.microjig.com.


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