In this month's The Woodworker

Ian Taylor has produced this months lead item in Projects. A fine, and quite sizeable, chest made in oak, the project combines both hand and machine work to produce a very fine piece. Curiously Gordon Warr too has a chisel to hand as he cuts recesses for hinges on his mahogany pendulum clock. Meanwhile Keith Smith is putting his woodworking skills to the matter of creating a mould for a fibreglass cyclone to aid his workshops extraction system (fans of Keiths Shop Notes column will recognise this beast).

In Workshop, editor Ralph Laughton sets to making raised panel cabinet doors both by hand and machine. Were never happier than when were seeing plough, rebate and block planes getting a good airing and they get a good airing here! Meanwhile Alan Holtham (the dashing young buck seen on the cover) offers a step-by-step how-to on preparing sawn timber with the planer thicknesser. Ron Foxs thorough month-by-month guide to routing moves onto router tables for this month.

In Turning Bob Chapman has written a fantastic article on producing your own lathe steady a useful piece of equipment for those working on longer spindles. Bryn Edwards shows us how with a turning favourite the vanity mirror.

Random orbit sanders are the big test feature by Andy Standing in On Test, with plenty of essential information plus a review of six of the best. Alan Holtham gets to grips with Startrites 352E bandsaw for a test with a difference its a long term test (this ones the first installment).

Making this issue a must-have issue for The Woodworker collectors is the 2008 Index. If you want to know what went into which issue in 2008 this is the only way youll know.

As ever a thorough and thought-provoking run through the world of woodworking and its on sale now!