MPOWER Tools Ltd


Nearly 30 years ago, MPOWER Tools Ltd began life in the small and picturesque village of Newton Tony, situated a few miles east of Stone Henge, Wiltshire.

All its woodworking tools would be a heady blend of unique solutions, efficiency and simplicity, all made in Britain.

Nowadays, MPOWER counts its sales in the tens of thousands and exports to 16 different countries worldwide. Despite their products' popularity, however, the anomalous elephant in the room remained: no matter how hard customers tried, it was impossible to buy MPOWER Tools in the UK.


MPOWER's long time Managing Director, Phil Lawes, explains the reason for this: “For over 20 years, we’ve successfully worked with, branded, and sold our tools exclusively through Trend and although our relationship is stronger than ever, we decided that any new tools should carry our name and only be available directly from us. As of last week, UK customers can now buy MPOWER Tools direct via"

Phil describes his customer care team as “legendary  who better to buy from than from people that actually designed, developed and manufacture their tools?”

For a limited time only, use the code 'welcome 30' for an additional 30% discount when buying from MPOWER’s UK website: