Old Yews is Good News

 Edward Parker  says: “The trail can be started at any point and doesn’t necessarily need to be followed in order. Those who follow it will witness many magnificent ancient trees and some of Wales’ most spectacular scenery along the way. You could say it offers a journey through time – you can stand next to trees which were possibly full grown in the Bronze Age and others that definitely pre-date Christianity.”

Launched in 2007, the Ancient Tree Hunt aim is to map and record the location of old trees, as the first step in the protection and care of a vital and irreplaceable part of our national heritage and history. The target is to discover and record at least 100,000 ancient and notable trees across the UK.

The Tree Trail including beautiful images and details of where to find them and the trees already captured by the Ancient Tree Hunt can be found on the project’s website www.ancienttreehunt.org.uk