Peter Child pyrography machine

Available from Robert Sorby, the Peter Child artist’s pyrography machine is widely regarded as the one of choice by many professionals. Powerful enough to create dense textures and patterns, its slim, light and comfortable to use pen design also delivers the perfect balance for the finest detail work – making it an ideal choice for the novice too.


As you'd expect from a machine manufactured by Robert Sorby, the build quality and attention to detail is of the highest standard.

Features & benefits

Slim, light and comfortable pen design

Perfect for precise detailed work

Cool running handle for comfort

• Warms from cold in two seconds

• Excellent reliability

• Incredible durability

Each pyrography machine contains a pen; 1m length of 25 standard wire gauge (SWG) to make your own points; six spare nickel chromium nibs – five standard points in 25 SWG and one spoon point in heavier 24 SWG – plus a handy 12-page manual full of ideas.


Robert Sorby manufactures two versions of the machine, which are only differentiated by colour and voltage.

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