Shaper Trace – the easiest vector conversion tool for hand sketches

Shaper is focused on making precision cutting easy and accessible to craftspeople everywhere. The company's latest product – Trace – provides a simple method of turning a hand-drawn sketch into vector graphics, which are native to digital fabrication and digital design tools.

Trace is the easiest vector conversion tool for hand sketches on the market, which essentially turns any smartphone into a high-quality vector scanner. A single sketch can transform into a multitude of different outputs in terms of size, material or fabrication technique. It can be used in the workshop, and there's no need to return to your desk.

The end result? A vector file (SVG) that can be used on virtually any fabrication machine, and no more getting stuck in the creative process with difficult-to-use software.


How it works

● Draw on any surface within the frame size and place the frame over it;

● Capture and convert the drawing to scaled, flattened vectors in the Trace App;

● Cut with Origin or other digital fabrication tools.

What’s in the box?

Frame – 338 x 248mm

● Technical drawing pen

Free and unlimited access to Trace App



Centreline/outline trace  choose either option for automatic and accurate conversion of hand-drawn lines into a single vector path - no complicated steps or adjustments needed;

Built-in post-processing tools – select individual vector paths from a drawing, smooth your drawing and more;

Preserves drawing scale and accuracy – hold your phone at any angle and the Trace App automatically corrects for distortion;

Works with any modern web browser –​ quickly and easily access the tool from your phone or tablet.


Technical specs

● SVG file format;
● Compatible with any modern browser;
● No subscription required.

Priced at £99, see for more information.

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