Six of the best F-Clamps

1. Bessey K-Body Price: from £30 Toolbank 0800 068 6238 The king of clamps. Immensely strong mechanism. Jaws remain parallel even under heavy pressure. Hardened steel rollers and superpolyamide jaws. Wooden handle with ideally pitched thread. As strong as a sash clamp but much faster. Available in sizes from 300mm to 2500mm with 85mm throat depth.

2. Screwfix Speed Clamp Price: £8.89 Screwfix Direct 0500 414141 Large clamp but a small price. 1000mm length. Good solid bar with end stop. Large diameter plastic handle but too short clamping thread. Deep serrations provide good grip. Good for carcase assembly.

3. Screwfix Glueing Clamp Set Price: £2.99 Screwfix Direct 0500 414141 With a 50mm throat and 150mm capacity these are ideal for holding small jigs and lighter work. The small size and weight are particularly useful in tight corners. Excellent value.

4. Axminster F-Clamps Price: from £7.20 Axminster 0800 371822 Good quality and heavy duty, with protective pads on the jaws and large wooden handle. Finely cut thread makes for easy tightening. Reliable action with hardened jaws for maximum strength. Discount for multiple purchases.

5. Klemmsia Cam Clamps Price: from £5.46 Axminster 0800 371822 German made hardwood cam clamps. Very light weight, so ideal for delicate jobs where control is a priority. Cork-faced wooden jaws with fast cam. 6Wolf Multifix Price: from £8.99 per pair Toolbank 0800 068 6238 Clamp head moves along hardened rail with lever used to exert clamping pressure. Fixed jaw may be reversed to use as a spreader too. Fast and highly controllable. Non-marking jaws and nylon body make these very timber friendly.