Somerset-based maker launches luxurious handmade Art Deco inspired ‘Burlesque’ dressing table

'Burlesque' is a celebration of British materials and Irish craftsmanship through what is a bold and sumptuous piece of furniture

This piece was designed and entirely handmade by Ronan Morrison – Romo Fine Furniture – using materials sourced entirely in the UK. While the four stacked kidney-shaped layers that make up the body of the table are strong and solid looking, the bold curves are soft and invite you in to absorb the vibrant colours and hypnotic grain of the burr elm.

Subtle overhangs and handle details are intriguing details that reveal striking bright interiors in beautiful rippled sycamore with contrasting hand-cut dovetails and brass hinges. The mirror is set into a beautiful strong brass frame, which is complemented by slender sycamore legs whose conical brass fixtures help them blend into the underside of the table.


Romo Fine Furniture's Art Deco inspired ‘Burlesque’ dressing table

Taking inspiration from the Art Deco greats including Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann and Gio Ponti, 'Burlesque' is a celebration of British materials and Irish craftsmanship through what is a bold and sumptuous piece of furniture.

Just as Art Deco came as a kind of rebellious response to the austerity and depression following the war, the 'Burlesque' dressing table is a fitting tribute at a time when we're beginning to surface from periods of lockdown having suffered at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The piece, in burr elm, features subtle overhangs and handle details, with interiors and legs in rippled sycamore and hand-cut dovetails and brass hinges

“Burlesque was born from my love of the aesthetics of the Art Deco movement but also as a challenge to my skills as a maker," says furniture designer and maker, Ronan Morrison. "I wanted to challenge myself with curves, and layers, with as many different and complex processes as I could and with materials that are notoriously difficult to work with. I wanted something that will last long after I do and hopefully for people to enjoy long after I am gone.”

For more information on this and other pieces from Romo Fine Furniture, visit the website:

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