A Trend T8EK 1⁄2in dual-mode plunge router plus CRT/MK3 CraftPro router table – worth a combined total of £650!

To celebrate the launch of Trend’s new T8EK router, we’ve teamed up to offer a fantastic prize bundle worth £650, in addition to two runner-up prizes of a T8EK router, worth £349.99 each

Trend T8 2,200W 1⁄2in dual-mode plunge router

Engineered for both hand-held and router table use, the Trend T8 2,200W 1/2in dual-mode plunge router is ideal for lock mortising, kitchen fitting, worktop jointing and timber profiling.


The new T8 plunge router is trade-focused and engineered for both hand-held and router table use

Key features

80mm plunge depth – ideal for deep-cutting applications and perfectly suited to creating lock jigs, worktop joints and timber profiling.

Precision Centring System – contains a unique guide bush centring pin and adaptor plate, which ensures perfect concentricity between cutter and guide bush for pinpoint accuracy when using routing jigs.

Trend Base Configuration – a standardised fixing pattern of holes, which allows routers to be attached to a range of compatible router tables, jigs and accessories.

Router table compatible with height adjuster – which guarantees safe and easy cutter height changing from above the table.

NVR compatible – allows an NVR switch to be fitted, which provides an independent switching arrangement for your router.

Router Table Safety Clip – mechanically pulls the trigger inwards to keep the power engaged, so that a standard NVR can be employed for router table use.

Constant Speed Control – monitors the spindle RPM and automatically adjusts to maintain cutter speed for smooth and consistent cuts.

Soft Start – prevents ‘kick-back’ on start-up for improved accuracy and a safer, more comfortable user experience.

11 level variable speed control – gives the user total control across a wide range of cutter styles, cutter sizes, materials and applications.

Handy RPM reference guide – facilitates simple speed matching to that of the maximum shown on the cutter, while the control dial is recessed, to prevent accidental adjustment.

Vertical extraction spout – prevents extraction hoses from ‘snagging’ on jigs and materials.


This new offering from Trend is ideally suited to kitchen fitting applications including worktop jointing, draining grooves and carcass alteration

Key router table applications

Routing narrow materials where use of a router side fence isn’t practical or there’s not enough stock to safely support the router while cutting.

Use of wide cutters – such as panel raisers – where hand-held router use would be potentially dangerous.

Repetitive routing, where clamping/unclamping material for hand-held routing wastes time.


Hand-held routing and edge moulding applications are possible with the T8, including recesses for intumescent fire door strips and rebates

CRT/MK3 – portable 240V bench-top router table

Featuring a robust construction for workshop and site use together with precision engineered components, this handy bench-top router table is guaranteed to deliver high quality, consistent and accurate results. The CRT/MK3 is perfectly suited to panel raising, templating and batch cutting applications.


The CRT/MK3 can be used for templating curved pieces using bearing-guided cutters and the Lead-On Starter Pin

Key features

Steel frame construction designed for stability, durability, portability and easy router access.

Large phenolic table surface provides an ultra-durable, stable, flat surface for friction-free stock feeding.

NVR power safety switch allows safe operation from the table edge across a wide range of routers.

68mm extra-deep adjustable fence offers excellent support for a range of material thicknesses.

Precision aluminium extrusion with wide base ensures perfect squareness of fence facings to the table for accurate routing.

Adjustable melamine facings with durable, smooth surfaces, which allow for easy and safe stock feeding.

57mm dust extraction port provides high volume extraction to optimise safety, cut quality and accuracy.

6.35mm anodised aluminium plate prevents deflection and sagging when heavy routers are fitted.

Trend Base Configuration (TBC) features three screw holes for easy, direct mounting of Trend and other compatible routers.


Consistent and accurate batch cutting is also made possible

Key applications

Using joinery cutters for panel raising, tongue & groove, as well as scribe and profile application

Templating curved pieces using bearing-guided cutters and the Lead-On Starter Pin

Consistent and accurate batch cutting

Safe and controlled working in the case of thinner material.

In addition to the main prize of a T8EK router and CRT/MK3 router table bundle, two runners-up will also receive a T8EK router. For further information on other products available from Trend, visit www.trend-uk.com.

Please note the deadline for this competition is 20 October 2023.

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