Veritas limited-edition stainless steel edge plane

This stunning limited-edition edge plane is cast in stainless steel using the lost-wax process. It shares the same long body, oversize grip and polished hand-contact areas as our bronze plane, but incorporates the advanced blade adjuster and stabilizing set screws from our iron edge plane.

It has a 14° bed angle and a 30° blade skew and comes with a 1/8" thick, 1-1/4" wide lapped A2 steel blade. The depth-adjustment mechanism is a large thumb wheel with an independent traveller for improved adjustment speed and accuracy with no blade skewing. The set screws along the side prevent the blade from shifting when knots are encountered.

The 6" long fence is drilled to allow blocks or wedges to be added for specialized or angled cuts.

The plane is 6-1/2" long overall and weighs about 1-1/4 lb. An exceptional plane for smoothing edges on jointed boards exactly 90° to the face.

Made in Canada. A limited run of 300 is available. Planes are individually numbered (e.g., marked as 105 of 300) on the cast body surface under the blade. Stock is shipped in random order. Storage bag included.

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