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The CRB7 Mega Bundle contents

Mega bundle contents

CRB7 Combination Router Base

The CRB7 Combination Router Base is no ordinary router jig; it’s a versatile system that offers excellent control through a multitude of routing operations. The offset, cranked rod design allows the CRB7 to quickly adjust and fit over 650 different router models.

Micro adjustment allows easy router bit positioning with a precise degree of accuracy; this means you can use an undersized bit to creep up to a desired point incrementally, which is especially useful when mortising or cutting a dado.

Performing seven functions straight out of the box with an ever-growing number of accessories, the CRB7 Routing System is fast becoming one of MPOWER’s most popular products.

CRB7 Mortise Hinge Lock & Flute Jig

When combined with the MHLF accessory, the CRB7 enters an entirely new level of machining accuracy, one that’s never been previously achieved with a hand-held power-tool. The MHLF comprises a pair of micro adjustable precision machined jaws, which sit either side of the workpiece to re-establish a safer level of surface contact between router and workpiece. As a result, accurate mortises, hinge and lock rebates or flutes can be machined with ease.


The CRB7 Universal Combination Router Base Mk3 can carry out seven different routing functions, straight out of the box

CRB7 Edging & Dowel Trim Kit

The problems associated with flush trimming hardwood, iron-on lippings and dowel heads are well documented. Many techniques have been developed with specialised tools that are manufactured to try and make this tricky task easier.

The CRB7 Edge Trim Kit might just be the simplest and quickest solution to achieving a beautiful fault-free finish, which can be fitted in mere seconds and is very easy to set up. As a result, flat-panel flushing tasks can be performed with accurate consistency when making a one-off piece of furniture or in the case of batch production manufacture.

CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence

With the addition of the CRB7 Edge Guide Side Fence Kit, the CRB7 gains yet another feature, which brings its total key functions up to an impressive eight. Simpler to set up in comparison to a traditional edge guide, it benefits from having a greater depth of range so that grooves and dados are possible to rout up to 190.5mm in from the board edge.

The new edge guide can be fitted in three different locations on the CRB7’s baseplate for a wide variety of tasks and fixing points located in the edge guide’s face; a protective facepiece can therefore be fitted for protection during edge moulding tasks.


The CRB7 Mortise Hinge Lock & Flute Jig in use

CRB7 storage case

Offers tailored protection when on the move or for storage in the workshop.


CRB7 Universal Combination Router Base

1. Offset baseplate
2. Small circle compass
3. Anti-tilt support
4. Adjustable mortising
5. Large circle compass
6. False panel rebate copier
7. Adjustable clamp guide

CRB7 Mortise Hinge Lock & Flute Jig

1. Allows you to work mortise length with uninterrupted ‘sight lines’
2. Cut centred and offcentred mortises
3. Cut hinge and lock rebates
4. Repeat cut sets of flutes
5. Edge moulding that’s parallel to edge groove or channelling

CRB7 Edging & Dowel Trim Kit

1. Create a stable router platform
2. Maintain a consistent cutter height
3. Increase routing pass speed with the Tracer Racer

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