Win 1 of 2 MICROJIG Grr-ripper2 Go™ table saw accessories

The new Grr-ripper2 Go™ from MICROJIG is a table saw accessory that’s designed to bring safety to the masses – there’s two up for grabs

MICROJIG was founded on the principle of safety with its legendary, award-winning Grr-ripper™. Now, the company is bringing that same safety to the masses with a new, must-have table saw accessory, which is aimed at woodworkers of all experience levels – the Grr-ripper2 Go™.


Even more accessible than before, it’s supplied fully assembled, so ready to use straight from the box. The Grr-ripper2 Go™ also features an easy, colour-coded guide to help users set cutting width.The handy device protects hands and fingers from the saw blade, provides the user with control throughout the cut, and prevents kickback.


This handy table saw accessory can be used on its side, which is ideal for resawing on a bandsaw

Use it around the workshop

The Grr-ripper2 Go™ is suitable for use with table saws, bandsaws, router tables and jointers. The device’s legs and body maintain a constant 90° angle, and can be used on its side, which is ideal for resawing on bandsaws. It glides along the table top and applies even pressure against the fence with your hands clear of the blade.


The Grr-ripper2 Go™ is also suitable for use on a router table, whether using the fence or freehand routing

Even pressure means less blade drift, which results in smoother cuts. The Grr-ripper2 Go™ also provides incredible command over workpieces on the router table. Whether using the fence or freehand routing, its powerful grip controls stock and protects your hands from dangerous spinning bits.


Apply the provided see-through colour-coded index sticker to your saw’s rip fence scale

No assembly; easy setup

The legs are staggered so that any rip cut from 8-50mm upwards can be made with the blade passing safely underneath. The Grr-ripper2 Go™ is supplied with MICROJIG’s patented colour-coded guide, so that cuts can be properly set.


STEP 1 – Set your fence to the desired cutting width, and see which colour the fence scale lands on. In the example above, it’s solid green


STEP 2 – There’s a different colour on each end of the device. In this case, it’s the end with the solid green colour, as shown in step 1

Apply the provided see-through colour-coded guide sticker to your saw’s rip fence scale. Whenever the rip fence is set, the colour visible beneath the cursor shows how to position the Grr-ripper2 Go™ against it, which ensures that correct set ups are a breeze.

For further information on MICROJIG, visit the website:

To be in with a chance of winning 1 of 2 MICROJIG Grr-ripper2 Gos™, answer the multiple choice question below. Please note the deadline for this competition is 19 May 2023



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