WIN! 1 of 2 Robert Sorby 410 Sandmasters – worth £64.62 each!

The Sandmaster allows you to safely sand the workpiece while it’s spinning on the lathe

An essential part of every woodturner’s tool kit, the Robert Sorby 410 Sandmaster is supplied with five different aluminium oxide abrasive disc pads, in a range of grits, meaning that even the roughest projects can be taken to a glass-like finish every time.

As well as being very useful, this on-lathe inertia sanding solution allows you to safely sand the workpiece while it’s spinning on the lathe, and as the disc also spins, it therefore helps to reduce clogging of the abrasive.

Using the Sandmaster helps to avoid an uneven finish on woodturning projects and eliminates the unsightly lines often associated with hand sanding. There’s also no danger of a user potentially catching their hands on the revolving object.


Articulating head

The Sandmaster’s multi-angle articulating head, which runs on a durable phospor bronze bushing, allows even the most difficult areas to be accessed, and hook-and-loop backing means you can easily change between abrasive pads.

The tool’s sponge head is ideal for working in tight spaces and overall, creates a fraction of the dust generated by power sanding. During use, this part should be held against the workpiece and when in correct contact, it’ll spin.

The idea is to keep the Sandmaster’s head moving back and forth during use. In addition, there’s little or no surface damage/head build-up, which can often be experienced with power sanding, and no cable to potentially trip over.

The Sandmaster can also be adapted to take a polishing mop, pigtail mandrel and goblet or bowl mop. As an optional extra, a 75mm head and discs can be easily fitted for greater efficiency.

The kit includes:

• 50mm sanding head
10 aluminium oxide abrasive discs in the following grits: 60, 120, 180, 240 & 400 – two of each
Handle length: 215mm
Overall length: 290mm

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