Win! 1 of 3 AUKTools Solid Brass Router Inlay Kits – worth £32.95 each

AUKTools’ Solid Brass Inlay Kit includes a 1⁄8in downcut solid carbide spiral bit – 1⁄4in shank – for chip-free cutting, along with quick-change bushing, template guide and complete instructions. The router base required for fitting the guide bush must have a clear 30.16mm diameter aperture; if not, a sub-base adaptor may be required.


This inlay set lets allows you to make perfect fitting inlay repairs and decorations. The first step is to make a template of your chosen design.

Next, install the precision machined bushing with collar and 1⁄8in diameter cutter in your router, and follow the template to cut the design into your work.

Remove the collar from the bushing and cut the positive inlay using the same template. This will result in a perfectly fitting inlay.

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Produce perfect fitting inlays with this excellently made and accurate router kit from AUKTools

To be in with a chance of winning 1 of 3 AUKTools Solid Brass Router Inlay Kits , answer the multiple choice question below. Please note the deadline for this competition is 16 June 2023.

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