Win 1 of 50 SanderCards – the ultra thin hand-sanding tool

SanderCard’s ultra-slim unbreakable polypropylene profile has many uses:

• Sands directly into corners more efficiently than sanding blocks or foam sanding pads.

• Semi-rigid, with some flex – this ‘flex’ creates torque to apply downward force when sanding into corners, profiles and flat surfaces, all of which can be achieved without switching hand sanding tools.

• Versatile and uses a VELCRO® brand fixing; this ensures that most makes of hook-&-loop abrasive can be used. You can also easily swap between coarse and fine grit papers as desired.


How it works

• Uniquely, SanderCard utilises its slight flexibility to apply force downwards towards the card’s working edge. This key feature allows you to sand right up into a corner and tightly against other surfaces without the risk of scratching or damaging.

• Abraded areas will naturally feather outwards – this is valuable with larger panels as it leaves a perfect feather-sanded edge for your powered orbital or sheet sander to safely overlap with, avoiding tool damage to edges and mouldings. It’s the perfect companion for power sanders.

• SanderCard sands on flat and mildly curved surfaces – with your fingers splayed behind the card, the tool’s slim profile affords you an unparalleled feel for sanding the surface beneath. Tasks such as sanding mouldings, bevels and car bodywork are simply more accurate as you have greater control.

• The prize consists of a 125mm wide SanderCard plus a 10-sheet assorted grit pack of ceramic wet & dry abrasives. Fits other brands of 125 × 70mm sized sandpaper and hook-&-loop backed.

For further information on SanderCard, visit

Please note that the deadline for this competition is 16 September 2022



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