Win! MPower single & double-sided diamond bench stones

In conjunction with MPower Tools, we’re giving two readers the chance to win either the single- or double-sided diamond bench stones, which provide all you need in one complete kit

Single-sided diamond bench stones

MPower’s new single-sided diamond bench stones are designed specifically for woodworkers wishing to custom build their own sharpening stations, or who simply prefer using single- over double-sided diamond stones.

The single-sided stones have an integral clamping feature, which allows them to be temporarily or permanently screwed down to either a jig plate or bench.

To offer every mounting option, the single-sided stones also have four non-slip, nitrile rubber feet, which offer great stability for straight-up resting on the bench and sharpening.


Double-sided diamond bench stones

Launched over seven years ago, MPower’s unique hybrid laminate manufacturing process has stood the test of time. Since then, many aspects of the 8in bench stone have been improved, not least with the development of ‘rust free’ aluminium cores.

Aluminium extrusion has proven to be a super consistent material, which supersedes the accuracy achieved by machining tool steel as a core. It also has the added advantage of being 100% rust free. The core is anodised, which again is a superior hard-wearing finish, and tougher than that of either black oxide or nickel plating. Anodising provides an incredibly flat finish, which allows these diamond stones to be the flattest available.


10-year bench stone guarantee

MPower’s new diamond bench stone kits are so tough that they’re covered by a ‘no quibble’ 10-year guarantee, which is double that of the industry standard. Even if damage occurs over time as a result of regular sharpening, MPower will supply free replacement diamond plates and only charge for the shipping costs incurred.


MPower’s new diamond bench stone kits are so tough that they’re covered by a ‘no quibble’ 10-year guarantee

Two prizes

PRIZE 1: 8in double-sided diamond bench stone – in all three grades: 300,600, 300/1,200 & 600/1,200 – worth £300.

PRIZE 2: 8in single-sided diamond bench stone – in all three grades: 300, 600 & 1,200 – worth over £230.

Each kit contains either the 8in single- or double-sided bench stone; 1 × diamond stone holder clamps & fixings; 1 × cleaning block; 1 × canvas case; 1 × magnetic leather strop cover; 1 × wax polishing stick; 1 × fully synthetic lapping fluid

For further information on MPower Tools, visit the website:

Please note the deadline for this competition is 19 January 2024.


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