The Woodworker inc Good Woodworking - March 2021

Join us as we spring into March, bringing you a whole host of fantastic woodworking and woodturning content, hand-picked just for you.

Starting with our projects and turning section, we have some great picks for you, including this month's cover star, Peter Dunsmore's contemporary version of a traditional writing slope, which also includes a secret drawer as well as inlaid initials to the box’s lid; next, Colin Simpson turns a beech platter featuring a coloured, airbrushed and textured rim; Emily Robinson shares the highs and lows she encountered while making a writing desk from scratch; Peter Benson’s ‘lockdown’ beehive is constructed using a variety of recycled materials in a novel topbar design; Geoff Gray adapts an existing design for a fall front wooden toolbox while applying his own personal twist; Les Thorne shows you how to turn a bowl from plywood and give it a shiny finish; and last but not least, Phil Davy shows you how to make your own try square.

Moving on to our technical section, Peter Bishop starts things off by exploring the history of applying and using decorative timbers, and looks at how mechanisation has moulded and enhanced this process; in 'woodworker's encyclopaedia', he pauses and reflects at the halfway point before exploring more terms beginning with the letter ‘M’; and finally, join furniture maker and marquetry guru Craig Thibodeau as he shares some of his coveted marquetry trade secrets while discussing the techniques he uses in some of his most well-executed pieces.

Our features section starts with another archive piece, this time prompted by the July 1938 issue of The Woodworker, which sees Robin Gates reflecting on the venerable mortise & tenon joint; next, the entry deadline is fast approaching for the Alan Peters Online Furniture Award 2021, so read all about fourth judge Hattie Speed as well as the great furniture maker himself; also, in the first of a new series, Simon Frost begins exploring what makes makers great, starting with the Shakers; Martin Pim-Keirle meets bold maker Dave Taylor, who is widely recognised and admired for his award-winning ‘Toro’ chairs; puzzle cabinet master Craig Thibodeau strives to meets new heights, whether it be creating exquisite marquetry or incorporating complex automated mechanisms into his bespoke pieces; and in 'Take 5', we look at another selection of woodworking delights from Instagram, including a stunning example of cabinetmaking with a smattering of feline fun.  

On our test bench this month, Fernanda Nuñez takes a look at Dickies' new functional, durable and affordable workwear range for women, and if you're looking to make perfect pockets at twice the speed and in half the time, look no further than the Kreg Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine.

For our competition this month, we’ve once again teamed up with Roamwild to give five lucky readers the chance to win a Roamwild Multi-PullSaw Pro, which aims to revolutionise the way you use hand saws. See inside the issue for further details – good luck!

As well as all this, you can also expect to find your usual favourite pages, including news, welcome, marketplace, next month, letters and readers’ tips, plus much more!

We hope you enjoy the March 2021 issue of The Woodworker & Good Woodworking, which is now on sale! Pick up your copy today, or why not subscribe