The Woodworker inc Good Woodworking - May 2021

In our May issue, we finally unveil the winners of the Alan Peters Online Furniture Award 2021 as well as bringing you the usual mix of projects, technical articles, features and tests, plus a brand-new competition.

Starting with our varied projects and turning section, Geoff Ryan shares his latest commission for a miniature chest of drawers; in the first of a new hat-making series, woodturner Andrew Hall talks hat blanks, timber prep and wet turning; our youngest author yet, Beth Pim-Keirle makes a simple toy boat using a scrap of softwood and a piece of dowel; next, combining various projects and requiring the use of multiple turning techniques, Philip Bradley shares the design for his unique dip pen wand; Mark Griffiths' spiral table is influenced by the shape of a nautilus shell; Les Thorne relies on hand/eye coordination and a couple of jigs to turn his balls round; before Phil Davy makes a floating mantelshelf in oak, which he places above his recently rebuilt fireplace. 

On to the technical side of things, Peter Bishop introduces part 26 of his 'Woodworker's Encyclopaedia' and expounds on the subject of nails, before Tony ‘Bodger’ Scott takes a sideways look at sharpening. 

Our features section kicks off with 'Archive', which sees Robin Gates confessing to flat-packed furniture before finding a forgiving message in the fretwork of a book table from The Woodworker of February 1927; next, we finally unveil the winners of the Alan Peters Online Furniture Award 2021 and their fantastic pieces, alongside an online ceremony and virtual exhibition, organised by Jeremy Broun; in 'Great makers', Simon Frost looks at the work of the ‘Father of Art Furniture’ Wendell Castle, who continued to push the boundaries of functional design over four decades; next, when he’s not crushing the competition playing for Swansea City AFC, right-back Connor Roberts likes nothing better than to kick off his football boots and get into the workshop, immersing himself in his carpentry projects; and last but not least, in 'Take 5' we bring you another fine selection of pieces by various woodworkers across the globe.

In 'on test', Geoff Ryan looks at the INCRA I-Box Jig, which he used to make the miniature chest of drawers for his granddaughter; and Jonathan Salisbury takes a good look at the Trend T32 M Class vacuum cleaner, inside and out.

For this month's competition, we've teamed up with Wood Workers Workshop to give you the opportunity to win 1 of 5 75mm INCRA Tiny T-Rules – worth £14.95 each. See inside the issue for details on how to enter – good luck!

As well as this, you can also expect to find your usual favourite pages, including news, welcome, marketplace, next month, letters and readers’ tips, plus much more.

We hope you enjoy the May 2021 issue of The Woodworker & Good Woodworking, which is now on sale! Pick up your copy today, or why not subscribe