2 projects in 1

2 projects in 1

This simple project by Janice Anderssen uses basic materials to make a tool box that also doubles up as a handy step stool

This step stool I designed is also a toolbox. More than that, it’s sturdy enough to support a big guy or gal. While your ordinary step stools offer little in the way of support for bigger adults, I designed this one so it was easily able to hold weight, and I also added a storage compartment for tools or supplies.

The charity runs alongside their in-country Director, Samuel Wambayo, a local Ugandan, who received funding to build a carpentry workshop in one of the main slums in Uganda. This slum has virtually no employment with people struggling to meet the most basic of human needs, such as the provision of food, clothes and clean water. The carpentry project was developed in response to a need highlighted by some of the members of the slum community themselves.

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