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Laser Quest

Making use of the clever Simon Hope laser kit hollowing system, Les Thorne turns a vase in English yew before adding texture to the outside and an ebony insert to create contrast

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The (hall) Tree of Life

Matthew White takes inspiration from a vintage effect hall tree and creates his own walnut version that incorporates even more storage space – perfect for keeping your winter accessories tidy

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The Wood Awards: 2017 Shortlist announced


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Outta Space

When small isn’t beautiful

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Making Old Saws Sharp Again

Whether you’re a fan of new or old saws, Gary Cook’s tips on resurrecting these handy bench tools will certainly pay dividends

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Hand drills: on the endangered list?

Phil Davy answers the question of why many people still choose to use a hand drill to this day

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Australian Big Rig

Keen toy and model maker Derek Lane jumped at the chance of building this scale model of an Australian 1988 Series II Mack Superliner, and what a great job he did!

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An ABC of Basic Dovetailing

Our step-by-step guide to an essential array of dovetailing techniques

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Brown Burr Oak Bowl – Man V Bowl

Les Thorne decides to do battle with a piece of brown burr oak and the end result is certainly striking, not to mention functional

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Corner shelving reinvented

Liven and brighten up a corner of any room with this clever shelving solution from Noah Weinstein