Corner shelving reinvented

Corner shelving reinvented

Liven and brighten up a corner of any room with this clever shelving solution from Noah Weinstein

These shelves are custom designed to be mounted in the corner of a room and hang on two adjacent walls. The shelves are medium duty, as they are supported by minimal amounts of blind hardware in order to give the appearance of being truly floating cantilevered shelves.

The shelves are made of maple and have two different kinds of inlays. The first is made of walnut and is a corner inlay itself. Working out a way to do an inlay on the corner of a post was a first for me, but nothing to write home about. The second inlay is actually made from knitting yarn. It just so happens that many yarns fit perfectly inside the 3mm saw kerf from a table saw blade. The yarn is easy to inlay, flexible around corners and curves, and is limitless in terms of colour and texture options. This was something new that I wanted to try and share. In short – yarn inlays in wood: it’s the future!

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