The (hall) Tree of Life

The (hall) Tree of Life

Matthew White takes inspiration from a vintage effect hall tree and creates his own walnut version that incorporates even more storage space – perfect for keeping your winter accessories tidy


The Pottery Barn hall tree, which formed the inspiration for my design

I’ve been wanting to build a hall tree for the house since coats, shoes and cold weather gear tends to pile up by the garage entrance. It took a while, but I finally found inspiration in a model produced by Pottery Barn called the ‘Declan’, a stylish blend of modern and rustic that matched the rest of the decor. There were a few problems, however:

1. The original came in two sizes: 965mm and 1,626mm, neither of which fit the 1,270mm of wall space that I had available.

2. It’s made of poplar. Sorry, but back where I’m from we use poplar for workbenches and framing for sheds.

3. It’s expensive, considering I can get poplar for next to nothing at my local timber yard.

Given those issues, along with the fact I had a few days off from work and enough spare walnut on hand to put it together, I decided to construct my own to exceed the original’s quality while still coming in well under budget.


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