Australian Big Rig

Australian Big Rig

Keen toy and model maker Derek Lane jumped at the chance of building this scale model of an Australian 1988 Series II Mack Superliner, and what a great job he did!


I was asked to build this model and being someone who enjoys toy and model making with wood, I jumped at the chance and challenge this would bring. The plans are from Australia, courtesy of Roger Jenkins.

Studying the plans

The first thing I did on receiving the plans, as I do with anything, was to sit and study them. I noticed that the build used mainly plywood, but as I like to use and see natural wood in my builds, unless I intend to paint them, I chose to use tulipwood and a mixture of others I had available, which I will reference as I go.


With this set of plans there are two types of chassis that can be made: one for homemade wheels and the second for shop-bought heels. I set out with the intention of making my own, but as you’ll see later, in the end I decided to go with bought wheels, which I then modified. Before I started the build, I spent some time preparing the wood on my surface planer and thicknesser, and as always, I prepared more than required – there’s nothing worse than having to stop halfway through to machine another piece.

The first thing that needs to be made is the chassis as this is the foundation for all of the other bits and pieces.

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