Axminster AWSBS2 bench bandsaw review

The Axminster is a smartlooking machine with a white steel body and a smooth cast-iron table. A good solid rip fence is supplied and also a plastic sliding mitre fence. The saw mounted on a steel cabinet base with considerable internal storage space.

The saw itself is strongly constructed and very well fi nished. The blade runs on a pair of cast alloy wheels which are well balanced and easy to adjust. The upper blade guard is alloy and is held in position by a large butterfly nut.

A good set of roller blade guides is mounted on the end of the guard. These are straightforward to adjust and give far better blade support than the cheaper plain metal guides. An identical set of guides is installed below the table.

cast iron table bearings
1] The cast-iron table is smooth and feels solid
2] The blade guides provide excellent support
The rip fence is a large alloy section and is mounted on a rail fi xed to the front of the worktable which can be tilted to 50°. A dust extraction outlet is built into the corner of the base. Unusually the Axminster has two speeds, which are set by moving the drivebelt from one set of pulleys to the other.

This a solid, trustworthy performer. It has a smooth, quiet motor, is easy to set up and cuts accurately. This machine comes with a surprisingly good-quality blade.

fence table tilting
3] The rip fence is a large, sturdy alloy section
4] The table can be tilted by up to 50° for making bevel cuts
Facts & figures Motor power: 370W
Table size: 335 x 335mm
Cutting depth: 120mm
Throat: 245mm
Weight: 25kg
Accessories supplied: Cabinet base, rip and mitre fences
Verdict An excellent compact bandsaw. It’s well made and robust, will cut accurately and is easy to set up. The cabinet base is an added bonus.

Contact: Axminster
0800 371822

Performance 4/5
Value for money 4/5