Give your decking high protection & transform its appearance with the new V33 range

Longer days mean more time spent out in the garden. If you have decking on which to enjoy an al fresco meal or a spot of sunbathing, then now is the time to give it some TLC, to make sure it's not only looking its best, but is well protected from the elements. There's a multitude of options out there from which to choose, and it can be confusing to know what to buy to achieve the best results. Luckily, V33 has launched a range of products that offers high protection, a beautiful finish and great value for money.

V33 are specialists in innovative surface coatings, and have been coming up with leading high quality products for DIYers for over 60 years. The brand's new range includes two decking oils, a decking paint and a preparation product. The range covers everything you need to ensure your decking is water-repellent and UV-protected, while also looking great for longer.

Decking oil

Decking oil is what to choose if you wish to feed, protect and enhance the natural beauty of old or new exterior decking. While both decking oils in the new range are UV- and water-resistant, one also offers anti-slip properties, unlike other comparable options currently available. This particular oil, called V33 High Performance Decking Oil, is a quick-drying, water-based version, ensuring long-lasting protection against sunlight and temperatures of -100C to +350C. It is available in four colours including Clear, Light Oak, Teak and Grey. Offered in 2.5L or 5L tins, 1 litre covers 12m2. It is priced at £34 for the smaller size and £50 for the larger one.
V33 UV-Resistant Decking Oil is solvent-based, and efficiently protects and revives decking. It is available in Clear, Medium Oak and Teak in the same tin sizes and is priced at £31 for 2.5L and £46 for 5L. 1 litre covers 8m2. Both the High Performance and UV-Resistant Decking Oil formulations leave wood with a beautifully natural, translucent finish.

Decking Paint

The V33 range's Decking Paint provides a great two-in-one decorating and protecting solution. With its fiv-year guarantee, it is longer-lasting than most other decking paints, which makes it exceptional value for money. Affording useful anti-slip properties, it leaves a beautiful, washable surface with a matt, opaque finish that disguises wood imperfections. Available in 2.5L tins priced at £42, it is offered in five colours including Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Silver, Gun Metal and Light Silver. One tin will cover 25m2.
The new range's decking preparation product is called Tough Deck Clean & Revive. Two factors make it particularly good value for money: it has a high performance and it affords an impressive 30m2/L coverage. Its formulation enables rapid and efficient removal of mould, mildew and black spotting, thereby cleaning up decking beautifully, and leaving it ready for a new finish to be applied. Available in 2L bottles, it is priced at  £16.
V33's new specialist range of decking products is available through B&Q – for more information, click here. V33 can also be found on Facebook.