Trend Air Max Pro-battery powered respirator

Trend are excited to announce the launch of the amazing Trend Air Pro Max. Head, eye, lung and (optionally) ear protection is provided to ensure the user is fully protected while working on a multitude of projects. Single users or businesses alike can ensure safe working practices with the ultra-efficient protection against harmful airborne particles, head impact, and flying debris. 

The compact, lightweight unit meets HSE industrial standards for consistently reliable protection across a range of applications. Using a quiet motor-driven fan within the helmet, it delivers positive airflow at 220 litres per minute. This provides restriction-free breathing for day long comfortable use while also preventing inward air leakage.

No face fit required for a tight seal means the Air Pro Max is ideal for users with facial hair and can be used with prescription glasses without any fogging or misting issues.

A built-in LED indicator within the flip-up visor shows when the battery is close to depletion or if the filter requires replacing. This ensures safe working practices at all times.

The Air Pro Max provides premium all-in-one head, eye and respiratory protection in a well-balanced lightweight design, delivering to HSE specification for industry and trade use ensuring fatigue-free day long use. Additional ear protection is also available with a set of optional clip-in ear defenders. Perfect for use with tools that create excessive noise, such as breaking hammers, machinery or in noisy work environments, which makes the Air Max Pro the perfect solution for supreme sensory protection on four levels.

This product is available to buy now from D&M Tools - prices start at £649 - click here for more information.