Good Woodworking issue 203

This month Good Woodworking remembers the life and times of one of its most respected (and at times notorious) contributors, John Brown. In a five-page feature we look back at the inspired writing of the Welsh stick chair maker, while Phil Davy and Mike Riley share their own personal thoughts and feelings on the man and his work.

Workshop Angles makes a welcome return with a visit to the immaculate, and productive, workshop of David Ames – a designer-maker who’s even planting his own wood.

Dave Roberts, our editor-at-large, has been busy. He’s written a Profile on John Grey, a box maker with an impressive and ingenious collection of finely made boxes. DR also visited Timberline a wood yard that specialises in exotic species to explore the relationship between the woodworker and his supplier.

John Brown, Welsh stick chairmaker
John Brown, Welsh stick chairmaker
In Kit & Tools Andy King has found hand tools such as plough planes can offer several advantages over routers, not least offering welcome relief to the ears and lungs! JB would be proud! All this, plus the usual sage advice from Phil Davy and the masterclass in turning from himself, TR Dave Roberts. We think it’s a cracking issue, but then we would wouldn’t we!
GW 203 collage