Here's how, It's joints made easy

Choosing suitable jointing methods for your projects can be like gingerly entering a minefield of booby traps but we hope that GW’s guide will make your decisions a little more bomb proof. 

Part 1...We start with the butt joint.

Technique and tips on edge-to-edge joints.

Part 2...Lap and bare-faced shoulder joints.

An improvement on the basic butt joint, with additional strength.

mitre joints, how to guide, woodworking, woodwork

Part 3...Box mitre joints.

When to use them, how to do it and how best to add the essential reinforcement.

finger joints, how to guide, woodwork, woodworking

Part 4...Finger joints.

When to use them and ways to cut them.

dovetail joints, how to guide, woodwork, woodworking

Part 5...Dovetail joints.

If one joint alone typifies fine woodworking it is the dovetail.

Article source, Good Woodworking issues 262 - 266