HiKOKI Power Tools launches 36V cordless compound mitre saw with Torque Boost Technology

HiKOKI Power Tools has introduced the C3612DRA 36V 12in compound mitre saw into its range of industry leading cordless power tools. Engineered for precise cutting and working, this powerful and versatile mitre saw delivers unmatched accuracy and heightened productivity for all your woodworking projects.

Featuring HiKOKI’s incredible Torque Boost Technology, and compatible with the awesome power of Multi Volt Li-ion batteries, the C3612DRA maintains the perfect balance of speed, precision and performance, no matter how tough the task.

1.7 times faster speeds

The new motor wiring structure enables automatic switch between High-Speed and High-Torque motors to achieve power and speed, delivering 1.7 times faster speeds, enabling smooth cutting and preventing sudden stops under heavy load. The C3612DRA’s blade speed is up to 45% faster than that of the conventional model C3612DRA can be operated and can be switched between Auto Switch mode and High Torque mode to match the user’s needs over many applications.

The tool is ideal for a diverse range of cutting work, from plywood and delicate panels to hard boards and even aluminium – i.e. in window sashes. The integral XACT CUT LED™ lighting system uses an LED light to cast a shadow where the blade will cut on the material for precise and efficient cutting, provides users with unparalleled accuracy and allows for easy blade adjustment to the cut line, thus enhancing precision and efficiency in every cut. Additionally, the metal adjustable scale ensures accuracy, maintaining precise measurements for reliable results over time.

Functional engineering

The HiKOKI C3612DRA has been engineered with functionality in mind, featuring a front-facing bevel and mitre mechanism for hassle-free adjustments. The bevel lock handle is conveniently located on the operator's side for easy loosening or tightening of bevel lock and improved efficiency. This practical design is especially beneficial on compact worksites.

The convenience of a one touch mitre lock allows for quick and easy adjustments to be made – a real time-saver when shifting between various cutting angles. The linear ball bushings enable smooth and precise sliding while the highly rigid metallic mitre scale has nine positive stops and indications, for easy-to-read measurements and quick settings.

With advanced Torque Boost Technology and its precision-enhancing features, the HiKOKI C3612DRA compound mitre saw promises to deliver flawless cuts and elevate the art of woodworking to peak efficiency.

For further details, visit www.hikoki-powertools.co.uk.

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