Issue 303 of Good Woodworking

I know I say this every month, but I like to think that this issue has something for everyone: it’s musical, inspirational, artistic, pushes the boundaries and also looks at some unusual areas of the subject of woodworking, or at least that’s what I think! I reckon it’s a good un, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.
So what have we got for you? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at musical instrument making, then the first of Shaun Newman’s ukulele build articles will definitely appeal, as he starts by taking you through the initial steps of construction, but not before we discover some treasure down in Devon with Edward Hopkins. Former Editor Andrea Hargreaves returns with a feature on sculptural woodturner Mark Hancock; we show you a tree house-inspired build; and Michael Huntley brings us the last in his series of articles on Japanese joinery, which sees him exploring joints and ideas.
New GW author Greg Stringer shares his keepsake box make with us before we take a breath of fresh heirloom and ogle the work of Les Lively, a true master of furniture fusion; Dennis Keeling demonstrates the breadth of the personal CNC router; Phil Davy shows you how to make your own try square  and Les Thorne ponders his favourite turning-related things.
In Kit & Tools, Andy King looks at a unique product to make lifting easy, proves that diamonds really are a woodworker’s best friend as well as putting a great tool for enhancing your turnings through its paces.
All this and more in GW303! Enjoy!