MICROJIG debuts next-generation MATCHFIT hardware

MICROJIG, the industry leader in table saw accessories, is known for introducing innovative products to help woodworkers work smarter and safer. Now, the company has improved a fan-favourite to open even more workshop possibilities.

MICROJIG is proud to introduce the next generation of MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Hardware.


“The MICROJIG team has done an amazing job creating a universally accessible and easy-to-use track hardware system,” said Bruce Wang, MICROJIG CEO. “We’ve now made it even more durable and added a 50mm long track screw in addition to the 38mm, 25mm and Female Track Nut models. The universe for jigs, fixtures, sleds and workbenches has expanded with MATCHFIT hardware.”

The MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Hardware, the most versatile track hardware ever made, features several upgrades to make workshop life even more intuitive. The new hardware has been manufactured using stronger, more durable material, ensuring it can withstand even the toughest projects. It also features longer thread lengths. Additionally, the upgraded 50mm track screw now allows for even more versatile builds.


MATCHFIT Dovetail Track Hardware is available in a variety of configurations; to find a retailer or to order, visit www.microjig.com.