In this month's Good Woodworking

Good Woodworking magazine Santa's grotto!
This month’s Good Woodworking embraces the festive spirit – sooner that than the sense that western civilisation is in terminal meltdown (or the western economies, at least). Who’d have thought we’d find comfort in a fat guy in red robes at our age?!

In any case, with Christmas approaching we’ve put together three handy wee projects that could just get you out of a tight spot with just days to go before the big day. There’s more Christmas cheer besides with the odd seasonal feature and even our Journeyman, Mike Riley, and super-turner Dave Roberts getting in on the festive theme.

Meanwhile Andy King has been his usual industrious self, being probably the first tester in the country to get to grips with Axminster’s AW4 Universal. And he’s pitched it up against three stand-alone machines to see how it fares – plenty of reading there.

Ben Plewes has revisited an old haunt from his youth – Cardigan College – for Growth Rings. That was after he’d got working on his bench for the second instalment of Notes from a Small Workshop. We trust you are enjoying that – we’re appreciating your participation here on

And, as usual, you’ll find the GW team working flat out in the Solutions, Around The House and Kit & Tools sections. Plenty to entertain you over the Christmas break. But if you do need more, don’t forget The Woodworker. Nor the latest Practical Woodworker which offers an A-Z of woodworking machinery, explaining each right from first principles. Very handy.

So a Merry Christmas to all, and happy reading!

(Oh, the image of JB and Ben in silly hats? Well, we weren’t allowed to place it in the magazine (understandably) so we’re placing it here, in the regulation free world of t’interweb!)