New from Festool – TSV 60 K plunge-cut saw with scoring function

The TSV 60 K plunge-cut saw with scoring function: splinter-free sawing like never before

Festool has been synonymous with delivering trustworthy quality and absolute precision since the introduction of its circular saws in 1962 followed by plunge-cut saws in 1980, and is continuing this tradition with the introduction of a new model, which benefits from scoring function.

With a 60mm cutting depth, the TSV 60 K produces splinter-free sawing on both sides, from the very first cut. The integrated KickbackStop reduces the risk of injury and damage to the workpiece during kickback, and thanks to the diverse range of system accessories, it's always mobile, precise and to exact dimensions. With the new TSV 60 K, workshop-quality results can be replicated on the construction site, as with a stationary machine.

Festool has been well-known for its circular saws for many decades, as Boris Seyfried, Festool Product Manager for Sawing, explains: "As early as the 1960s, Festool brought the world's first portable circular saw with guide rail onto the market, then launched its first plunge-cut saw at the start of the 1980s. With our new saw models, we were always raising the bar, and from May 2023, we're doing it once more with the new TSV 60 K plunge-cut saw with scoring function."


The scoring saw blade can be precisely adjusted to deliver a splinter-free cutting edge

Splinter-free sawing on both sides – like never before

Being able to deliver splinter-free sawing on both sides, from the first cut, makes it extremely efficient as the cut edges are immediately ready for further processing. "We've integrated a scorer into the new TSV; a never-before-seen innovation for hand-held plunge-cut saws. We constructed the scorer unit to have track and depth adjustment, which guarantees exact adjustment options and, when combined with the diamond scoring saw blade, long-term perfect cut quality. This is even true for efficient, high-quality panel cutting," adds Boris.

Perfect panel cutting – now available anywhere on the construction site

"This is particularly practical for day-to-day work – now even large panels can be precisely cut without splinters - not just in the workshop but also anywhere on the construction site. With our numerous system accessories, it's like cutting with a stationary machine – a facility never before seen before in this form – mobile and simultaneously precise, splinter-free sawing to exact dimensions."

Depending on the application, the scorer can be turned on or off as required. Perfect results are important for panel cutting, and that's exactly why the new plunge-cut saw with scoring function can be used with guide rail – exactly as you'd expect from Festool. Thanks to the guide rails fixed with fastening clamps and the tool-free adjustable guide jaws, the TSV 60 K runs on the guide rail without any play whatsoever, ensuring high-quality results.


Thanks to the guide rails being fixed with fastening clamps and the tool-free adjustable guide jaws, the TSV 60 K runs on the guide rail without any play whatsoever

Greater safety when sawing – thanks to KickbackStop

The innovative and unique KickbackStop function with scoring function doesn't just protect the workpiece, but also minimises the risk of injury. The new TSV 60 K is safe and highly precise, offering excellent, splinter-free results. In the event of a kickback, the KickbackStop is triggered by the saw blade jamming during sawing or plunge-cutting into the workpiece and stops the saw blade faster than the blink of an eye. The saw is designed to recognise a kickback and stops the motor within a fraction of a second. Once the KickbackStop has been triggered, the saw is ready for use straight away without replacements or additional costs.


The integrated KickbackStop reduces the risk of injury and damage to the workpiece caused by kickback during sawing or plunge-cutting. Once the saw has been triggered, it's ready for immediate use without having to replace any parts

Truly versatile

"With the new TSV 60 K, we've created our most versatile plunge-cut saw to date. Thanks to its 60mm cutting depth and swivelling scorer unit, even mitre cuts up to 45° in combination with a guide rail are possible," Boris continues. The entire accessory system around the TSV 60 K not only demonstrates its versatility for day-to-day use, but what's particularly practical is the fact it can be combined with all cross-cutting guide rails.

This makes it incredibly easy to make reproducible, precise and clean cross cuts even 'on a small scale'. When developing the new TSV 60 K, Festool has considered many additional details such as the simple FastFix saw blade replacement, viewing window, speed control, exact depth setting with dual indicator, and fine adjustment.


The brushless EC-TEC motor – virtually maintenance-free and extremely powerful – guarantees consistent high cutting power. The high-speed, brushless 6,800rpm EC-TEC motor allows work to progress effortlessly while requiring less force

Robust, powerful & extremely efficient

Festool's latest-generation brushless EC-TEC motor makes the saw virtually maintenance-free and powerful. The maximum speed of 6,800rpm ensures ideal machining, an effortless feed rate and, as a result, the best cutting quality. This means the new plunge-cut saw is robust and, in combination with the comprehensive saw system, sophisticated down to the very last detail. It handles both precise cutting in solid wood and efficient panel cutting with ease – and splinter-free on both sides. Say goodbye to time-consuming reworking.

Uncompromising performance

The new TSV 60 K is completely covered by Festool Service, offering peace of mind for your day-to-day work. This includes repair orders, warranty claims, protection against theft and spare part availability. Available from specialist dealers from May 2023, see for more information.