Powerful, fast & precise: HiKOKI launches CJ36DA & CJ36DB cordless jigsaws

HiKOKI Power Tools is launching two new members of the MULTI VOLT range: its new CJ36DA and CJ36DB cordless jigsaws. Depending on the application, craftsmen can choose between the CJ36DA with top handle and the CJ36DB with barrel handle. In either case, they’ll be holding a powerful, high-performance cordless jigsaw in their hand. 
Whether sawing out work surfaces for kitchens, cutting gypsum fibre-boards for drywall or installing hardwood floors in the interior, it all comes down to precision and, more importantly, versatility. Timber construction often requires high performance tools. Equipped with state-of-the-art brushless technology, the new HiKOKI cordless jigsaws deliver the fastest cutting speed in their class and can even saw 20% faster than their counterparts with a cord. Searching for the nearest power outlet on the construction site is a thing of the past. With a capacity of 2.5/5.0Ah (BSL36A18) or 4.0/8.0Ah (BSL36B18), the powerful MULTI VOLT batteries provide sufficient energy for a day of construction. The rechargeable batteries are compatible with HiKOKI's entire 18V and 36V battery range.

Intelligence & convenience on board

Thanks to the AUTO Mode function, the two new HiKOKI cordless jigsaws start with a reduced number of strokes and then accelerate automatically, ensuring better control when positioning the saw blade and thus precise cutting results. Vibration is further reduced thanks to the new high performance gears. The electronic constant speed control of the brushless motor ensures consistent speeds and thus maximum cutting speed even under heavy load. The number of strokes and pendulum stroke can be adjusted in accordance with the material used and the desired cutting results. An LED makes the cutting line easier to see.

The right tool for any application

HiKOKI's new jigsaws offer different shapes to satisfy regional and craft-specific preferences. Equipped with a top handle, the CJ36DA is easy to use even in extreme situations, making it an all-rounder valued by many craftsmen. The CJ36DB, on the other hand, features a barrel handle, ensuring it fits exceptionally well in the hand when used below the workpiece. The result is a precise cut without torn edges along the surface. A real benefit is the two-sided switch, which is easy to access in any position, whether you’re left or right-handed. The LED can be deactivated with the press of a button for glare-free working. Both jigsaw models come with a dust collector for connecting a vacuum cleaner as standard, thus ensuring a clean working space and a dust and chip-free construction site.

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