Six simple woodworking projects for beginners

Working with wood doesn't have to be intimidating – this article from Peter Jacobs, Senior Director of Marketing at CNC Masters, contains a collection of enjoyable woodworking projects suitable for beginners.

These don't require a specialised workshop, system, or many years of experience in the field. You'll need a few standard tools, some scrap timber, good-quality grease, and straightforward instructions to complete these projects. Let's get started with some of these projects.

Foldable laptop stand

In today's digital era, most of us will spend a significant amount of time on our laptops, practically resting on our laps. Even though it's in their name, it isn't actually what the product is intended to be. Sitting atop your legs is also not the healthiest position for your laptop; you're putting your body in danger by exposing it to the heat radiation of the computer and may end up with a strain on your spine or neck.

This issue could get resolved with the assistance of a laptop stand. It's also simple to store because it can be folded into a very compact form. The legs might look demanding to assemble, but all that's needed is to link three smaller wooden components together. After that, you can screw them into the main board with minimal effort. That part of the project is straightforward. Lastly, using a biscuit jointing method, glue the two panels together.


Magazine rack

Making this magazine rack requires little more than spending a couple of afternoons in the workshop, which is a fantastic opportunity to relax and get some work done. In addition, it creates a tool for removing magazines from the coffee table in your living room or on the bedside.

The making principle uses two identical three-piece frames, which are connected by a self-locking half-lap at the intersection of the two frames. These frames can be made using just about timber species. You could choose poplar since it's one of the most accessible cabinet-grade timbers, and it's priced far lower than those of other kinds. It's simple to use, and after being covered with a transparent topcoat, is cream in colour.

Redwood planters

Adding one or more attractive planter to your home's interior or exterior is one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective methods to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. The wood used in the construction of these three designs is redwood. Planters made using California redwood are among the best available options as this timber is unrivalled in its capacity to retain natural beauty and exceptional strength.

The redwood tree isn't susceptible to rotting and is insect-resistant. When constructing a planter, select a grade that consists entirely of heartwood. Some available grades also contain some sapwood, which is a little less expensive option overall.


Kitchen table

Some modern designs compel us to consider furnishings to be artwork or, at a minimum, decorative adornment. In reality, however, they appear willing to forego the convenience and functionality for which a piece of furniture receives recognition. This presents an opportunity to design a table with a timeless quality, relying on uncomplicated, practical and beautiful woodworking, all simultaneously, without using something like a CNC machine.

The simplistic design and regular geometric of our kitchen table can serve as an all-in-one solution: a practical workspace, table for meal preparation and a dining table. You can configure it to comfortably accommodate four people.


Coat & hat rack

You can declutter a hallway with the help of a short coat and hat rack, which can be constructed in just over an hour using 6ft 1x4 hat and coat hooks. Once you've tailored the board to the appropriate dimensions, they can be painted, hung on the wall using screws, then they're ready to have various hooks attached to them. The hooks are available in multiple designs, hues, and price points, and can be found online via ironmongery sellers or in hardware shops.

Wooden wagon toy

Handmade wooden toys are the most special presents that can be gifted to children, and are likely to be treasured for many generations. This project doesn't require an application or batteries, will never grow obsolete, and is incredibly difficult to damage. Your children or grandchildren will have a great time transporting their toys, peers, or even the family pet.


Concluding remarks

Hopefully these projects will spark your creativity and imagination and you'll have a go at completing one of these woodworking projects in your own workshop. Most of these are easy to make and don't require the use of any expensive tools or equipment. Furthermore, they'll aid you in developing skills and boost your confidence in terms of becoming a better woodworker.

About the author

Peter Jacobs is the Senior Director of Marketing at CNC Masters. He's actively involved in manufacturing processes and regularly contributes his insights to various blogs on CNC machining, 3D printing, rapid tooling, injection moulding, metal casting and manufacturing in general.