A tall order

A tall order

Mike McCrory’s growth chart project is not only beautifully hand-crafted, but also visually appealing and entirely functional


I have a friend with a toddler who is a little over a year old and just beginning to walk. A mutual friend of ours who lives in Austria contacted me and asked if I could make a growth chart for our friends as an Easter gift, so that they could record the child’s growth and create a lasting memento. She left the design up to me and trusted that I would be able to come up with something that was hand-crafted and visually appealing. The parents are originally from France, so I knew that it would be important to have both imperial and metric scales. I decided to use two pieces of wood that would be edgeglued together, with metric on one side and the imperial system on the other. I would use walnut for the imperial side and cherry for the metric side.

Making up the boards

I started by jointing the walnut and cherry boards to create a flat face and a flat edge (Pic.1), then I ran the wood through the planer/ thicknesser to ensure they would both be the same thickness (Pic.2).

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

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