Woodworker collaborates for London Craft Week May 2023 – The Tangible Project, gallery@oxo

A group of eight artists and makers are delighted to be creating The Tangible Project for London Craft Week – 10-14May 2023 – and through their different skills and artistry, promote the inherent value of the handmade in art and design.

In a world leaning toward digital encounters where so recently society was restricted from physical contact, touch has never mattered more. Hands exploring materials are the lifeblood of artists, a fluid relationship that ignites expression, understanding and a sense of connection.


Simmer Down III, 2021, by Robert George

The group’s exhibition, Tangible, aims to highlight this process through the crafting of different materials, be it textile, glass, wood or clay, to present an incredible body of work with stunning high value fine art and design objects.

Visitors can expect to see a unique collection of wall-based work, collaborative pieces, sculpture and craft-based forms and installations. There'll be daily demonstrations, interactive talks and insightful Tangible sketchbooks will also be on show. These will have been circulated between the artists as a physical conduit of their ideas and document the thread of thoughts and drawings as they created work for the exhibition.

The artists met while exhibiting at the prestigious Collect International Art Fair 2022, and although this diverse group has differing ages, nationalities and backgrounds, all are renowned for their outstanding craftsmanship in various different fields, and whose work has been shown extensively across the UK.


Robert George at the lathe

They include:

* Line Nilsen – textile artist and hand weaver whose subtle work reflects her native north;

* Jacqueline James – an established weaver and dyer who creates exclusive rugs and wall hangings for public and private interiors;

* Loraine Rutt – cartographic artist who makes distinctive ceramic palm-sized globes;

* Sharon Griffin – a sculptor whose ceramic female figures are inspired by exploring woodland;

* Robert George – who's wood-turned pieces reflect his life as an arborist;

* Jemma Gowland – ceramic artist known for her evocative porcelain sculptures;

* Amélie Crépy – textile artist and digital print designer for fashion and luxury interiors;

* Lisa Pettibone – whose fascination with astronomy and physics is reflected in her glass and mixed media sculpture.


Symbio 2265, 2022, by Robert George

The Tangible Project will be at gallery@oxo for London Craft Week, the annual celebration of international creativity where over 250 makers showcase their work through exhibitions and events in cultural spaces across the city.

ADDRESS: Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, London SE1 9PH

WEB: www.thetangibleproject.co.uk

INSTAGRAM: @the_tangible_project

The Tangible Project
Oxo Tower, Wharf Barge House Street